A Story Behind each thread

Over the last years the world has become more familiar with the Mayan crafts, never the less very few actually understand the long process each item goes through before they can be put out on the market and onto the costumers’ hands. As a company founded and run by a Mayan family, we want the world to see our products with the same eyes we do. Also understand and value the hard work and technique behind each and every single piece.

 The beautiful color combinations and patterns found in the traditional Mayan clothing and textiles, represent the beauty of our country and stories of our ancestors. We would like to share a short story of the gorgeous and unique fabrics used in all of our products; because they do have a story!

Our Styles

Prior to being incorporated into our products all traditional Huipils (blouses) and Cortes (skirts) were worn first by Mayan women, who spent months designing and weaving their clothes. Let us not forget that the art of weaving holds an important position in the Mayan society and each piece is made by hand, with great skill and dedication for their own use.

 This means every piece varies in color and pattern making it a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art. Over the time when these traditional blouses and skirts are considered old or out of style, their owners decide to sell them in order to recover part of the investment made on them. This step can be repeated numerous times until they are finally put out on the local market for anybody to purchase them. It is here where we start collecting pieces that fit perfect for our designs and ideas. It makes us feel good to save these beautiful pieces of art from going to waste. This allows us to offer a fair trade with the sellers, provide more employment and most important, help preserve our Mayan culture and traditions.

 While our traditional Mayan clothing represent the Vintage look of our products, the ikat fabrics used in our products represent the Trendy side. Our designs and colors are assigned to meet the demands of our different markets, each piece of fabric is manufactured by hand at the homes of Mayan weavers. Over the decades the art of weaving has played a very important role in the lives of many Mayan families and the manufacturing of looms as well as the weaving techniques have been passed from generation to generation. Considering that the average time per fabric role is 20 days we feel very grateful to be able to work side by side with our weavers to incorporate and give their work the value it deserves nationally and internationally.